Award-Winning Multi-Level Mega Deck

I was grateful for the opportunity to present my work on such a beautiful palette as this property with its epic city view. It's the first thing you see as you enter: the view, backlighting the curved staircase onto the deck, which also enhances the appearance of the house as you approach from the driveway.

This deck is all about the view. To optimize it, we lowered the outer half of the upper level to create the effect of a disappearing edge as you look over it. The lighting is subtle so you can navigate at night, but not so overpowering that it blots out the night sky.

The two-sided bench forms a lower-level, amphitheater-seating area, and the cable rails leave the view wide open. I added the fire pit because I always feel that a lower level won't be used unless there is a feature to invite you there. And the comfort of a warm fire complements the view and extends the deck season into the colder months.